European facial

The Classic European Facial is our spa’s signature skin-care treatment, encompassing all essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type. First, your face will be massaged with herbal cream to soften skin and improve circulation. Next, a soothing stream of steam will open your pores to prepare the skin for gently performed extractions. Following this pore-cleansing procedure, a beautifying mask closes the pores and refines skin texture


acne facial

In a one-hour session of heavenly healing skin transformation, warm compresses with natural ingredients like chamomile, flax seeds and lavender flowers are applied of face to soften skin surface and prepare skin for gentle extractions.  Antibacterial astringent is followed and a healing camphor mask is applied to close the pores and start the journey to clear, blemish free skin. 



collagen facial

The collagen facial is a popular anti-aging treatment among women who see little lines forming around their eyes and forehead.  The facial is designed to flood the derma with collagen to accelerate cell renewal and to increase elasticity for firmer skin.  The collagen facial includes a special collagen fiber mask and warm, melted Vitamin E to transform tried, aging skin into a glowing healthy, young appearance. 



anti aging FHOTO FACIAL-( led light therapy)

The Light Therapy Treatment plumps the skin cells in the dermis layer to help the skin regains its elasticity and firmness. This treatments also helps to minimize visible wrinkles by allowing the skin cells to replenish its moisture. In just 30 minutes of treatment, more collagen is produced as the power of visible red and infrared light penetrates the dermis. The Light Therapy Anti Aging treatment creates a relaxing sensation while stimulating new and youthful looking skin.   After the first treatment, your skin will appear younger, more hydrated and naturally radiance.



sensitive skin facial

The sensitive skin category is not restricted to any complexion.  It is common for those who have sensitive skin to notice that their skin is sensitive to climate change and easily gets dry and chapped in cold weather.  This customized facial includes gentle massage of the face and neck with hypoallergenic products especially selected for sensitive skin.  Plant extract mask mixed with warm Vitamin E is applied to the face to balance the pH of the skin and stabilize the sensitivity and redness.




oxygen facial

Cutting-edge technique to treat and minimize breakouts and

rejuvenates aging and dry skin with multi-vitamins and

a healing oxygen spray. Effective for all skin types.


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